Flash Gordon #1 & 2 Sell Out

15 octobre 2008 Non Par Comic Box

[ENGLISH] Ardden says: Ardden Entertainment’s first two issues of FLASH GORDON have sold out at Diamond Comic Distributors within two weeks of hitting retail shops — with the fledgling publisher making an extra 1000 copies – of each book – available to retail stores for immediate re-order. Retailers will be able to re-order copies of the 1st prints by this coming Friday (October 17th). Featuring the art talents of Paul Green and written by Ardden’s co-president, Brendan Deneen, known for his acclaimed mini-series SCATTERBRAIN, FLASH GORDON was launched at this year’s NYC Comic-Con with a special issue zero, which sold over 3000 copies at the show.

Ardden has also recently announced a retailer « first look » scheme which is available to nine retail stores each and every month.

Retailers booking a full page advertisement in FLASH GORDON (for the low cost price of $300) will receive 100 copies of a special first look edition of Flash Gordon (featuring an exclusive cover – see image) to sell in their stores. These copies will be supplied direct from Ardden’s printer in Canada and retailers who subscribe to this monthly offer will also be offered extra 1:10 incentives and posters, plus copies of any new publications that Ardden will announce in the coming weeks.

Richard Emms, Ardden’s co-founder, comments on the success of FLASH GORDON and the support that the company has received from retailers across the globe.

« We knew that FLASH GORDON would do well, but not this well. It’s been great working alongside Diamond Comic Distributors and we can’t thank them enough for their hard work. That also has to be said about the many retailers who have contacted us over the past few weeks, showing a great deal of support for our first title and telling us that both FLASH GORDON #1 and #2 have sold out within hours of hitting the shelves.

« Coming from the retail sector myself has allowed us to work directly with store owners. The Ardden first look program will not only help retailers to advertise their businesses at a very low cost, but they can cover that cost by selling these exclusive items — and this is open to anyone anywhere in the US, UK or Canada. All they have to do is e-mail us!! »

Flash Gordon was created by Alex Raymond in 1934 and celebrates his 75th Birthday next year. Ardden has big plans for his birthday, including a special anniversary issue featuring some of the industry’s top talents.

Ardden Entertainment LLC was formed in 2007 by Brendan Deneen and Richard Emms with a view to create exciting new licenses and creator-owned projects. In February 2008, comic book legend JM DeMatteis joined Ardden as its Editor-in-Chief, overseeing the company’s editorial direction