Dynamite Presents Their First Ever Christmas Special…

7 octobre 2008 Non Par Comic Box

[ENGLISH] Dynamite says: Dynamite presents their first ever Christmas Special… this time with a twist as we send Ash on a Christmas adventure the likes of which the world has never seen! Will Evil Ash destroy Christmas? Can Good Ash stop Evil Ash from ruining Christmas? Is there really a Santa? Find it all out this December in a 40 page one-shot by writer James Kuhoric and classic Marvel artist Dave Simons! Everyone loves the holidays, right? Wrong! If you’ve ever worked S-Mart retail in December, you know it’s a special hell filled with something worse than Deadites…. dumbass holiday shoppers. And when the Necronomicon gets a hold of some classic holiday entertainment, it send Ash through a voyage of twisted Christmas visions that beat him senseless and initiate something deeper in Ash. « It’s a blunderful life » for everyone’s favorite big chinned Chosen One and this year he’s going to face something tougher than Deadite Santas and zombie elves. He’ll find a piece of his soul that was swallowed long ago….

AoD Writer, Jim Kuhoric summed up his collaboration with Dave Simons and the upcoming AoD one-shot, « When the folks at Dynamite pitched their ideas for an Army of Darkness Holiday Special, I was excited to finally get to tell a different kind of story for Ash. Finding out that Dave Simons, who worked on Tomb of Dracula and Ghost Rider during their classic Marvel runs, would be doing the art was what really sealed the deal. Ash’s Christmas Horror isn’t what you expect. Sure it has lots of Deadites, geysers of blood, and ridiculous situations, but it’s much more than that. This story gives us a rare look at the human side of Ash, explains why he hates the holidays, and gives him a chance to find out if there is any room left in his hard heart for compassion. That and he ends up transformed into a one armed boomstick carrying Claymation holiday character. Merry freakin’ Christmas, eh? »

And about the chance to work on AoD, artist Dave Simons exclaimed, « When Nicky first sent me a box o’ comics to familiarize me with the Dynamite line, in amongst the Red Sonjas and Lone Rangers (great book, by the way) was Army of Darkness. I thought that AoD would be a fun book to work on and particularly suited to me with my experience in both horror (Tomb of Dracula, Ghost Rider) and humor (The Real Ghostbusters and many other animated shows). Little did I know I’d end up working on the AoD Holiday Special! This marks my return to print after several years of working in animation and I couldn’t have picked a more appropriate project. »

« Dave work has graced comics work throughout the late ’70’s and ’80’s. He’s been sorely missed from the comics market. As some pages have come in, we’re proud to showcase them so that fans can appreciate and anticipate his comics return. We thank Dave for doing so with Dynamite! » stated president Nick Barrucci.

ARMY OF DARKNESS: ASH’S CHRISTMAS HORROR (ONE SHOT) James Kuhoric (w), Dave Simons (a) Covers: Dave Simons