[ENGLISH] Image Comics says: This October, the prototypical supersoldiers of tomorrow return in DNAGENTS: INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH EDITION TP, a comprehensive omnibus of the hit superhero series by writer Mark Evanier and artist Will Meugniot. « DNAGENTS signaled the creator-owned superhero craze years before it started, » Shadowline Publisher Jim Valentino said. « The work Mark and Will did foreshadowed a lot of what was to come in superheroes. It’s very much the precursor to some of the biggest team books out today. Bringing DNAGENTS under the Image I and Shadowline is a true pleasure and something I’ve hoped to do for years. »

DNAGENTS: INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH EDITION collects the entire initial run on the series by Evanier and Meugniot, which introduced the world to the Matrix Corporation and the superpowered teens who rebelled against it. As one of the first independently published superhero books, DNAGENTS members Tank, Surge, Rainbow, Amber and Sham broke away from the typical genre norms of the day and paved the way for the independent superhero movement that was to come years later. Their unique combination of lush art and compelling characterization made DNAGENTS one of the most influential books of its era!

DNAGENTS: INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH EDITION TP (AUG082271), a 452-page black & white tradepaperback for $24.99, will be in stores October 14th.