Cthulhu Tales @ Boom! Studios

22 janvier 2008 Non Par Comic Box

cthulhutales01a.jpg[ENGLISH] BOOM! tells us: Heed the call! Steve Niles inaugurates a new era of terror with the launch of BOOM! Studios’ new monthly anthology, CTHULHU TALES. Edited by Mark Waid, CTHULHU TALES builds on the three best-selling CTHULHU TALES one-shots that BOOM! Studios has published since its inception. Making CTHULHU TALES into a monthly anthology featuring my favorite comics writers and artists was a no-brainer decision. Getting Steve Niles–one of comics’ best-known modern horror writers–to kick off the first issue likewise only made sense, » said Mark Waid, BOOM! Studios Editor-in-Chief. « And Steve delivered big. »

cthulhutales01b.jpgSteve Niles headlines the first issue, joined with writer Michael Alan Nelson, who is best-known for his work on FALL OF CTHULHU, and Tom Peyer (DC’S FLASH, SPIDER-MAN: HOUSE OF M). Variant covers will ship for each issue, with the first issue sporting covers by Patrick Ballesteros and Mateus Santolouco with the second issue featuring covers by Marco Rudy and Santolouco. Each month, CTHULHU TALES and its rotating roster of writers will bring cutting-edge tales of the Old One with interior art by modern masters of the macabre.

cthulhutales02c.jpgThis new CTHULHU TALES ongoing series marks BOOM! Studios’ second monthly title, fitting perfectly alongside its best-selling monthly, FALL OF CTHULHU. BOOM! Studios’ horror titles have helped define the company. From its best-selling trio of CTHULHU TALES one-shots which includes CTHULHU TALES, CTHULHU TALES: RISING, CTHULHU TALES: TAINTED to BOOM!’s smash hit ZOMBIE TALES one-shots, BOOM! Studios has been the « go-to » publisher for quality horror.

cthulhutales02d.jpg« We are really excited about doing a new monthly title, and there is no better choice than to make CTHULHU TALES our next big monthly hit. Horror fans in the know have long realized that FALL OF CTHULHU is one of BOOM!’s best and, with the addition of CTHULHU TALES, our horror line just gets that much stronger, » said Chip Mosher, Marketing and Sales Director for BOOM! Studios.

CTHULHU TALES #1 is featured in this month’s January 2008 Diamond Previews catalogue and will ship in March of this year. CTHULHU TALES #1 Cover A has a Diamond Code of JAN083452 and Cover B has a Diamond Code of JAN083453. For those that missed the previous one-shots, CTHULHU TALES, CTHULHU TALES: RISING, and CTHULHU TALES: TAINTED are all offered again in the same Diamond Previews catalogue.