Buck Rogers @ Dynamite

13 mars 2008 Non Par Comic Box

buckrogers.jpg[ENGLISH] For almost 80 years, more than any other, the name Buck Rogers has simply meant “The Future”. And now that future is coming to you from Dynamite Entertainment! Before caped heroes were leaping tall buildings, Buck was spanning the stars . . . and the centuries. A man accidentally thrust into an extraordinary future, Buck is science fiction’s first superstar and one of our culture’s most enduring icons. In its original version, Buck Rogers ran as a comic strip continuously for 38 years in over 400 newspapers. True to his adventurous reputation, Buck is also known for his star turns in radio, movie serials, and television series. And now, comics and more from Dynamite Entertainment!

Flint Dille, a prominent animation and videogame creator as well as the grandson of Buck’s originator, John Flint Dille, oversees the Buck Rogers franchise. “My family and I have always considered the Buck legacy a sort of ‘sacred trust’,” Dille says, “and we are absolutely confident that this collaboration with Dynamite honors that trust.”

Nick Barrucci, Publisher and President of Dynamite Entertainment, is very enthusiastic to be working on one of his “dream projects since childhood,” and to be working with Flint and his family legacy in that process. Barrucci proudly confirms that fan favorites, Alex Ross and John Cassaday, will be integral to Dynamite’s Buck launch, with both Alex and John providing character designs, Alex providing a cover to issue #1, and John serving as regular series cover artist starting with issue #1. “Dynamite’s job right now,” Barrucci says, “is to find the writer and the artist who share my and my team’s respect and affection for Buck Rogers, and who can help bring Buck, once again, into an exciting new future.” Dynamite’s agreement with the Dille Estate allows for the creation of Buck Rogers comics, collections, including classic material, comics-based fine art prints, posters, action figures, trading cards, statues, and other high-end collectibles. Look for promotional art and announcements at www.dynamiteentertainment.com in the coming weeks and at San Diego ComiCon this summer.