[ENGLISH] Boom! Studios tells us: June 5th, 2008 – Los Angeles, CA – BOOM! Studios is proud to announce NECRONOMICON, a new four-issue mini-series based around H.P. Lovecraft’s « Necronomicon, » the religious text featured in dozens of Lovecraft’s short stories and novellas.  Hitting store shelves in August, BOOM!’s NECRONOMICON is written by long-time fan-favorite William Messner-Loebs, with gruesome interior art by Andrew Ritchie and scream-inducing covers by J.K. Woodward. Lovecraft believed – and he was right – that the scariest things are those least understood. Thus he kept everything as vague as he could – the mythos, the monsters, even the horrid and grisly fates of his heroes, » said NECRONOMICON writer William Messner-Loebs.  « Well, my job, given me by the esteemed BOOM!, is to describe, explicate, explain and anatomize said book and lay its mysteries bare, all whilst causing as much havoc as I can. »

NECRONOMICON follows the story of Henry Said, an Arabic college student in 1920s Arkham, Mass. who is hired by cultists to find the forbidden tome and obtain the dark powers of old.  In the course of his adventures, Henry travels the world as he traces the footsteps of the Necronomicon’s writer, Abdul Alhazard, and makes a… dark discovery.

Lovecraft’s works have frightened and inspired generations of fantasy and horror readers, and NECRONOMICON will bring the same horrific adventures fans know and love in the way that only BOOM! can deliver.

« The terror of Lovecraft’s creations comes from their implications – the idea that man is insignificant and small, » said BOOM! Studios Editorr-in-Chief Mark Waid.  « These elder gods exist outside our perceptions, and nothing we do matters because we are just a footnote in their texts.  I’m excited about NECRONOMICON because William Messner-Loebs understands that tension in Lovecraft’s works, and J.K. Woodward’s covers and Andrew Richie’s art bring that to life. »

With the publication of NECRONOMICON, BOOM! Studios continues to redefine Lovecraft’s vision with today’s top talent,  following up on the successes of their fan-favorite ongoing series FALL OF CTHULHU and their best-selling anthology, CTHULHU TALES.

NECRONOMICON #1 features a cover by J.K. Woodward, Diamond item order code: JUN083748.

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