American Terrorist Released at NYCC 2011

5 octobre 2011 Non Par Comic Box

[FRENCH] A Wave Blue World tells us: A Wave Blue World announces the release of their new graphic novel, American Terrorist, at the New York Comic Con this October 13-16 at Small Press table 2542. American Terrorist is the story of average Americans who get fed up with the system and start their own revolution. It is a 214-page graphic novel written by Tyler & Wendy Chin-Tanner (Adrenaline) and drawn by Andy MacDonald (Punisher, Terminator)

The NYCC release will feature a limited run of the black and white edition. A full color version will be digitally released at the same time through online retailers such as Comics by Comixology. The color art was done by Matt Wilson (Wonder Woman, Wolverine) and Michael Wiggam (Star Wars).

A war has been waged against the American people. It’s a covert war, one that those in power hope will go unnoticed, but day by day, jobs, homes, pensions, healthcare coverage, quality of life, and civil liberties are taken away, while the gap between the haves and the have-nots grows wider and wider.

With no way out, four activists become fugitives from the law and go on the offensive against corruption and injustice. Sharing their story with the nation using social media, they inspire their followers to rise up and reclaim their country.

We are all Americans, and we are all suffering under the same broken system.

–Michael, American Terrorist

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