Zune Arts Graphic Novel to be written by Steve Niles

15 mai 2008 Non Par Comic Box

[ENGLISH] Zune Arts, the program that aims to bring the best creative minds together to collaborate on inspiring works of art, is producing a graphic novel titled « The Lost Ones » written by Steve Niles, author of 30 Days of Night. « The Lost Ones » chronicles the adventures of Duncan, Roxy, Rasheed and Cynthia, who leave their Earth and are swept up in an epic intergalactic adventure. A different graphic artist will illustrate each of the four chapters, creating a genre-bending take on visual storytelling.

The novel’s four artists – Dr Revolt, an original member of the historic New York City graffiti crew The Rolling Thunder Writers, Gary Panter, an illustrator known for his surreal and raw style, Morning Breath, Brooklyn-based art and design duo, and emerging painter/fashion designer Kime Buzzelli – each bring a remarkable and unique drawing style to the project.

« The Lost Ones » gives us the chance to extend the Zune Arts platform by tapping into new genres and audiences, » said Rob Schaltenbrand, Zune Arts Brand Manager. « We’re excited to work with such a talented group of artists and storytellers to bring this project to life »

Zune Arts is a program that offers emerging and established artists a unique collaboration opportunity and platform to share their work with a broader audience. At the heart of Zune Arts are ideas about friendship, sharing, connecting and discovery that serve as both a guide for artists’ work and an ethic for the art that’s produced through this program.