Youngblood Collected

4 juillet 2008 Non Par Comic Box

[ENGLISH] Image Comics Says: The all-new, all-different YOUNGBLOOD from the creative team of GØDLAND’s Joe Casey and CONNER HAWKE’s Derec Donovan gets collected this July in time for issue five’s jumping-on point! « FOCUS TESTED is the opening salvo of the new YOUNGBLOOD assault that Derec and I have planned, » Casey said. « The stories in this collection are just the beginning of a much larger epic that, for fans of the YOUNGBLOOD concept, should give them exactly what they’ve been wanting for years. It’s pop superheroics on a grand scale, not to mention media and celebrity worship at its most obnoxious. All this, plus the grand soap opera and the big explosions that superhero team books do so well. This one’s got it all! »

YOUNGBLOOD: FOCUS TESTED not only features the first four issues of the new series, but is backed up by a plethora of extras including an introduction by INVINCIBLE and WALKING DEAD’s Robert Kirkman, an interview with Joe Casey detailing the process behind Youngblood, an exclusive feature in which Casey and creator Rob Liefeld discuss their favorite comics and Casey’s never-before-seen first pro sale – a Youngblood script circa 1995.

Donovan added, « Where YOUNGBLOOD goes after the trade has me more excited about the book than I’ve ever been. An old YOUNGBLOOD favorite, Televillain, returns in full-on serial killer mode, gunning after the a brand new YOUNGBLOOD team I can’t wait to draw. All this plus I can’t believe who we’re bringing back from The Golden Age! It’s a good time to be a YOUNGBLOOD fan. »

YOUNGBLOOD: FOCUS TESTED TPB (MAR082088), a 104-page full color TPB for $9.99, will be on sale August 3rd, 2008.