New Public Enemy Vol. 1 Graphic Novel by Adam Wallenta and  Chuck D[ENGLISH] Adam Wallenta tells us: « Hey all, I hope this finds everyone well. My new PUBLIC ENEMY graphic novel is now available to order online at The graphic novel collects issues 0-5 and is written by Chuck D and myself with art by me as well.

Check out some samples at

If you would like to see how the Public Enemy comic came about check out this special video:

PUBLIC ENEMY Volume 1, collecting issues 1-5 of the hit underground series, by Chuck D and Adam Wallenta, will be in stores the first week of May! Order your copies of this 152-page trade paperback through DIAMOND COMIC DISTRIBUTORS in the MARCH PREVIEWS catalog at your local comic book store before it is too late! Order information is located on page 193 (order line, page 39) (Item Code: MAR09404).

This very special trade paperback features guest appearances by both President Obama and George W. Bush. Make sure to stock up on this rare collector’s item.

It is incredibly important to tell your local comic book store that you want this collection and have them order it for you. If you do not ask for it in advance they may not be able to stock it.

To find a comic book store near you, check out the or call 1-888-COMIC BOOK.

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