New Shadowline Title « Pretty, Baby, Machine » in May ’08

4 mars 2008 Non Par Comic Box

prettybabymachine1.jpg[ENGLISH] Pretty Boy Floyd, Baby Face Nelson and Machine Gun Kelly take on the most powerful mobster of the 20th century, Al Capone, in Image Comics/Shadowline’s PRETTY, BABY, MACHINE, a three issue mini-series by PUNKS and BEOWOLF’s Kody Chamberlain and screenwriter Clark Westerman. « PRETTY, BABY, MACHINE came out of a love for the classic noir films of the 1950s and the startlingly true history of America’s mobsters, » said Westerman. « However, it wasn’t until I saw Kody’s art that the idea really gelled. Seeing the range of his styles blew me away and soon after, we got to work on PRETTY, BABY, MACHINE. »

In PRETTY, BABY, MACHINE, Chamberlain’s art style adapts once again to properly convey Westerman’s 1930s tale of bloodshed and betrayal, along the lines of such noir films as DOUBLE INDEMNITY or recent classics such as ROAD TO PERDITION.

Shadowline President Jim Valentino said, « Kody is one of the most versitile young artists around and a future super-star. Here he applies the most realistic chiaroscuro/film noir style this side of Michael Lark. Fans of GOTHAM CENTRAL, CRIMINAL and TORSO will eat this book up! »

PRETTY, BABY, MACHINE (MAR082067), a 32-page black and white three issue mini-series for $3.50, will be in stores May 7th, 2008.
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