snaked.jpg[ENGLISH] (San Diego, CA; March 10, 2008)  – On the heels of the success of the motion picture adaptation of the graphic novel 30 Days of Night, IDW Publishing, a division of IDT Internet Mobile Group, announced that another of its graphic novels has been optioned by a major feature film producer.  Producer Richard Saperstein, former President of Production of Dimension Films, who has overseen such films as 1408, Rob Zombie’s Halloween, The Mist, John Q, The Punisher, Frequency, and Se7en, has optioned IDW’s hot, new comic series, SNAKED.  IDW Publishing president and founder Ted Adams and SNAKED author Clifford Meth are executive producers.  Shara Kay will co-produce and Mr. Meth will write the screenplay.

An instant horror sensation upon its release in December, 2007, the first SNAKED comic sold out at stores across the country.  The third book in the series was released on February 13th.  Based on an original story by Mr. Meth, whom Barnes & Noble calls « one of dark fiction’s best kept secrets, » SNAKED is a horror-noir that follows the personal and political exploits of a government employee with supernatural, snake-like abilities.  First illustrated by Dave Cockrum (co-creator of X -Men), SNAKED has featured cover art by Ashley Wood and illustrations by Rufus Dayglo.

Mr. Saperstein was drawn to the story’s dynamic characters and timely political message.  « As a producer, » he says, « I’m drawn to characters that are forced to explore the limits of their own humanity in situations that test their rational minds.  The political arena forms the perfect backdrop for Clifford Meth’s heady mix of horror, sex and mayhem. I am also pleased to be working with Ted Adams and the folks at IDW, who are always breaking new ground in the world of comics and graphic novels. »

« If there is one thing I have learned from my experience with the filmmaking community, » said Mr. Adams, « it is to work with the very best.  We experienced that luxury on 30 Days of Night and now we’re fortunate to be partnered with Richard Saperstein, a renowned producer with a stellar track record.  SNAKED is the most controversial book we have ever published and I know that Richard will bring this story to the screen with incredible style, wit and daring. »

Idea and Design Works, LLC, (DBA IDW Publishing) is a division of IDT Internet Mobile Group (IIMG).  An established leader in the comic book and graphic novel marketplace, particularly in the horror, action, and sci-fi genres, IDW Publishing also owns Jonas Publishing and its children’s imprint, Worthwhile Books. The feature film version of IDW Publishing’s graphic novel, 30 Days of Night, topped the box office when it premiered in 2007.  IDW lists some of the most successful and hottest print titles in the industry in its portfolio, including: television’s #1 prime time series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation; Sony’s Underworld; Paramount’s Star Trek; Fox’s 24 and Angel, and Hasbro’s The Transformers. The company also works with foreign licensing agents to sell their comics around the world, with titles being published in multiple languages and crossing dozens of regions. Please visit for more information.

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