13 octobre 2018 Non

Preview: Daredevil #609

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The eleventh hour draws near as Matt Murdock prepares to square off against the Kingpin of Crime! Matt is forced…

9 octobre 2018 Non

Preview: Superman #4

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As Superman fights to protect the world from Rogol Zaar and the Kryptonian convicts trapped inside the Phantom Zone, the…

8 octobre 2018 Non

Preview: Spider-Geddon #1

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Back in 2014, Spider-Verse brought every Spider-Man ever together. This event spinning out of Amazing Spider-Man #800 has Christos Gage…

7 octobre 2018 Non

Preview: Avengers #9

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« World War Below. » With the underwater world on the brink of war, the Avengers go aquatic to save the day,…

2 octobre 2018 Non

Preview: Nightwing #50

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« Knight Terrors » begins here! The big issue #50 kicks off an epic four-part story that brings together critical moments of…

28 septembre 2018 Non

Preview: Shatterstar #1

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A gladiator, a warrior, a hero…the man called Shatterstar has been many things, but one thing he’s always been is…

25 septembre 2018 Non

Preview: Archie 1941 #2

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IT’S WAR! As the United States makes its entrance into WWII, the teens and parents in Riverdale are faced with…

18 septembre 2018 Non

Preview: Soulfire #3

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Cassidy wants nothing more than to live a normal life, but there’s nothing normal about having magical abilities. Like it…

16 septembre 2018 Non

Preview: Mr. & Mrs. X #3

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« Love & Marriage, » part three. Rogue and Gambit’s romantic getaway is but a faint memory as they’re forced to team…